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Women and kilted men dancing in a ceilidh


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Ceilidhs, with their energetic rhythms, 

melodic tunes, and waistcoat-wrestling dances make for a fantastic atmosphere for your wedding - guaranteed!

Ceilidhs are the ideal wedding entertainment.

  • Ceilidhs are very social - you have to dance with at least one person to take part.

  • Some of the dances are progressive and guarantee you a dance with the bride or groom.

  • Dances are a great 'ice-breaker' for all the families, especially if they've not met before the wedding

  • There are a mixture of boisterous and slow dances so everyone can take part.

We correspond with you regularly beforehand to make sure your wedding is the best it possibly can be, and here are some ideas for you to make your wedding as special as it possibly could be.

Our musicians have many years of experience playing and calling for ceilidhs (both Scottish and Irish) at weddings and a wide variety of other functions


For your first dance, we can play for you to perform a waltz or a ceilidh dance, or, alternatively, because we also bring disco and lights with us as standard, we can play your favourite song through our system. 


A DJ set is included as standard and usually takes over from Ceilidh after your buffet break around the halfway point. We can either play our own selection of dance floor fillers or you can provide (in advance) a list of requests or Spotify playlist etc.


We recommend the 'Orcadian Strip the Willow' as the last dance as it is the easiest dance to do (anyone can do it) and involves lots of spinning around. It also means the bride and groom can dance with everyone before stealing away (if they want to)!

And at the very end of the DJ set, we usually gather everyone around in a circle with the bride and groom in the middle, for 'Auld Lang Syne' or Runrig's 'Loch Lomond'.


We can set up early (for an additional fee), before the reception, and provide you with a microphone for your speeches. We can also accommodate an iPad/phone with songs on it for background during the reception.

Ready to book for your big day?

Call Simon on 07763222386 or email

"If anyone is looking for a ceilidh band can I recommend the Bass Rock Ceilidh Band... Everyone commented on how amazing the music was and how fun the ceilidh was."

- Adele and Stuart, wedding, The Cruin

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