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What would Harry and Meghan have for their first dance if they had a wedding ceilidh?

On April Fool's Day we ran the following post on our Facebook page - and managed to fool some people!

We have had to keep it a secret for months but are delighted to announce today that we are playing for Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle's Wedding in Windsor on 19th May. Eschewing tradition, they do not want a 'couples' dance for their first dance and have asked us to design a first dance to enable the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, William and Kate to participate. Therefore, we have called it "Lap i' Floor" including the 'helicopter' dance with a nod to Harry's military experience and taking elements from HRH the Queen's favorite ceilidh dance, 'The Cumberland Square Eight'. As you can imagine we are pretty excited! We'll post more details soon! BRCB x

We would certainly love to see all the senior Royals participating together in the first dance and here are our four most popular first dances;

1. Because we bring disco with us, most brides and grooms want to dance to their favorite song played through our audio system.

2. Circassian Circle - for those who want both families mixing immediately, this is a great fun dance which means everyone get to dance with the bride and groom

3. Waltz/St Bernards Waltz - sometimes couples want a romantic or elegant first dance and love a traditional Scottish or Irish waltz to dance to.

4. Orcadian Strip The Willow - a boisterous dance which can also/alternatively be danced at the end of the evening. Again, this gives everyone a chance to dance with the Bride or Groom - and is very easy - it has only two moves!

Whatever Harry and Meghan have for their first dance, we are sure it will be elegant and romantic.

And probably not a Cumberland Square Eight!

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